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Bukiyona by MargonaTheFox Bukiyona by MargonaTheFox
Name : Bukiyōna
Age : 17
Hobbies : Braiding
Bio :
Bukiyōna was a clutzy mare, but not one to be forgotten. It was one night where she and her friends were listening to a ghost story, that one of her friends offered a charm to ensure they'd always be together since Bukiyōna had to transfer to a new school and would be gone the next day. However, after performing the charm, she founds herself waking up in a dark hallway. One of many in Heavenly Host Elementary. She eventually came across two children, one with half her head missing, the other with her right eye missing. She befriended them and spoke with them for a while, until her teacher Ms Kanpailee found her. She insisted that they leave at once, but the blinded student would not listen. The children force the worried teacher away from Bukiyōna and lift her up by her back legs, dragging her out of the room, the horrified teacher hears a loud SPLAT. She gets up and walks out to investigate, and finds a large lump of guts and organs, with just a bit of hair and Bukiyōna's hair beads in the middle. Most likely, the children, being ghosts, could go through walls and wished to take the student with them to another closed space, but, they neglected the knowledge that the student wasn't a ghost, nor capable of going through walls. A tragic, and messy death
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August 27, 2014
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