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Congratulations by NaterRang

Absolutely beautiful. I am in face shedding tears my good sir. This shows 120% how important it is to stay loyal to those who love an c...

Arteses Mom, Casey Cook! (pony) by Arteses-Canvas

I do appreciate that you ackknownledge your mother. Most people don't do that nowadays. I would just like to say I admire you did this ...


Mom...? by MargonaTheFox
"Mom...? Mom get up...please...!" Crystal shook the fallen pony. Her efforts were wasted. The pony she had called "mother" for so long...was dead. Chrysalis let out a cruel laugh of amusement, "Come daughter! She is wasted! Trying to defeat me is a grave mistake!" Crystal cried, but her tears soon dried. Her head was filled with one last desire; KILL CHRYSALIS.
No...I failed...! by MargonaTheFox
No...I failed...!
A scene from my fic I'm working on "Hope Arises" where the star of it all; Crystal is taken in as a baby by Scootaloo. Crystal was a changeling, daughter of the queen Chrysalis and had wandered out of the hive. In this scene, she has been fighting sombra and is knocked down after coming so close. 
Crystal charged her horn with incredible power she had never harnessed before. But that's because simply, she was angry, determined, and distraught. Just as she was about to finish off her foe, she was casted backwards by Sombra's powerful, superior magic. Her nose spewed out red liquid. Well... she thought, at least now I know my blood's true color is the same of any other pony. But her thought didn't distract her from her realization. Sombra stood over her smiling. "No...I...I failed...!"
Pegasi Children by MargonaTheFox
Pegasi Children
Okay so there's a few in here you donno, so lemme introduce you.
The purple pony with the pink mane is "Cotton Stone." She is from the Cottonverse where Spike has a child with Fluttershy. Cotton is that child.
the derpy pegasus on the right is the son of Bulk Biceps and Derpy Hooves. Also in Cottonverse.
The pegasus on th  bottom right is Strike the son of Thunderlane and Rarity. He is fromvthe Cottonverse.
and the two little foals are from the Crystalverse in a fanfic I am working on. Twins of the crystal princess Crystal and Pound Cake one inherits her mothers old changeling genetics and the other was born a normal pony. The one on the left is Marblestone, and the one on the right is Sea Boom.
Role of Perrywinkle: Try to remember now;
Role of Paula : How did it all begin?
Role of Shadow : A letter on a stormy night;
Role of Roxan : Who was it who was betrayed...?
Role of Tailsica :  Take the "truth" you wanted gone,
Role of Jane : And hide it in the coffins...
Role of Andy : Tonight, we shall perform it once again;
Mastermind: ...A most magnificent night...!

Tailsica : In the glow of an eerie red full moon, a storm brews this night...
Jane : On such a night, on such a night...
Roxan : An incident is sure to occur! ♪
Shadow : A vampire out for blood?
Paula : A werewolf BEARing HIS fangs? 
Perrywinkle : A FranKENstein's monSTER? 
Andy : An uninvited guest? 

Jane : It's just sooo boooring...!
Paula : It's just SO borING...? 
Perrywinkle : It's! JUST! So! BORing!
Roxan : I feel like I'm going to die! ♪

Andy : Why, it's so late at night...
Roxan : What could someone possibly want? ♪
Margo: Sorry to bother, but could I stay for just a single night?
Tailsica : My, my... 
Shadow : The forest is dangerous at night... 
Jane : Come right in, please! 
Perrywinkle : Looks LIKE we've FOUND...
Paula : ...Our UNinvited GUEST! 

Hosts: What an ominous storm tonight...
Roxan : Perhaps something may occur? ♪
Jane : So then shall we make merry?
Andy : Until daybreak comes,
Twins: Shall we show you a night so magnificent... 
Hosts : To keep you awake? 

Tonight, so that the world shall be tamed, 
Shall we become slaves to the lead role's play? 
The script is controllingly captivating, 
And this EncorE follows it to the letter! 

Soon the "audience" is taken by applause, 
And yearns for "eternity in a moment"; 
"May this magnificent night go on!", they pray... 

Andy : Upon waking, hm, isn't this odd? 
Roxan : This isn't like any place I've ever seen! ♪ 
Role of Margo : Where is this?! Why are they... 
Twins: Dolls, you ask? Hahahaha...!
Shadow : The play's set, and the cast too... 
Tailsica/Jane : Have those "lies" become real?! 
Role of Margo : "Take me back at once... Back to the real world!!" 

Hosts: The world of an undawning night...
Roxan : Did the play stop? ♪ 
Jane : Because you made a mistake? 
Andy : Must you alone... 
Paula : Try it AGain? 
Perrywinkle : To spin THE tale OF... 
Hosts : The perfect night!

Tonight, we've been tamed by the world, 
And become "slaves" to the lead role's play... 

Role of Margo : I'm the only one who notices: this world is just a fake! 

All are swallowed up by the play, 
And "time" becomes "eternity in a moment"... 

Role of Margo : I shout that this is all wrong, but it reaches no one's ears...! 

Andy : Still unable to find the stolen page...
Roxan : Time just mercilessly passes by... ♪
Tailsica : How might the play come to an end?
Role of Margo : How might I be able to save everyone?

Shadow : So long as the lead role lives, the show must go on,
Jane : But even if the lead role dies, the show will still not end!
Paula : Then CAN'T we bring IN someone NEW?
Perrywinkle : And THEN we'll spin a NEW PagE...

Role of Margo : It seems that what I must do to save everyone, after all, Is to squeeze my pocket, for what I find there is...The EndroLL...?! With this, can I save them all...?!

Role of Perrywinkle : Tonight, we'll tame "that girl"...
Role of Paula : And bring "her" back from the grave...
Role of Shadow : The real and the fake...
Role of Roxan : Shall be switched with this encore...
Role of Tailsica : We'll keep it a secret to "her" alone... 
Role of Jane : And for us all to return to reality...
Role of Andy : We seven shall perform...

Lead Role : A most magnificent night! AhahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!" 
Hosts : "...!!" 

The lead role, betrayed by everything, 
Was a ninth person, "someone's" substitute?! 
In the perfectly plotted script, 
It's all in accordance, this Bad ∞ End ∞ Night! 

Soon the lead role is taken by madness, 
Longing for the missing PagE... 
But "once again," it's now too late! 
Time is up, you see...? 

Role of Margo : I found it...! 

Tonight, so that the world shall be tamed, 
Shall we become slaves to the lead role's play? 
The script is controllingly captivating, 
And this EncorE follows it to the letter! 

In the protection of kind "lies," 
Forget everything, and go to sleep! 
And "once again," we shall perform... ∞ 
Hosts: On to the EncorE - 
Role of Margo: On to the EndinG - 

In my shaking hands, I grip the knife, 
And into the "unwanted reality," we...return!! 

True enD


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Hello there! I am just artist like anyone else! Except I'm a lesbian jew!
I look forward to reading your hate mail! Be sure to check out the gallery!

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