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Last Friday Night (1) by MargonaTheFox
Last Friday Night (1)
Little Tidbits I'm doing since I just recently found the song again. I know it's Saturday so this is late, but meh. 
I'm buildin' Jack And The Beanstalk setting in Minecraft. The beanstalk is complete. Makin' my way to the cloud form.
Lotus by MargonaTheFox
Jesus fuck.
Finally I got a pic up of her
Original pic of Earthia I got from the sonic wiki page.
Lotus is my love interest for my character Priscilla. She's initially a shy pushover who doesn't stand up for herself.
She also has a night job as a performer at the bar.
Her favorite snack is pocky.
Lotus Blossom by MargonaTheFox
Lotus Blossom
You guys wanted to see her in all her glory, well until I can get the printer hooked up I'll have to use bases. Sorry for so much of 'em btw. 
Oh before I forget the original base is by :icontwiilybases:
Also I'm going to credit hasbro for the original image due to the base owners wishes.

She screamed out, but Margo and Shadow were a far ways from her by that point, still not noticing their missing party.

However, once the two reached the village, Margo finally noticed her friend was missing, “Perry? Perry?! Where is she?!”

Shadow tried desperately to calm her down, but to no avail. He eventually was forced to resort to knocking her out.

Margo woke up, only to find she was in a rather torn up bed. She got up, and began walking around. She noticed all the furniture was torn as the bed was, pictures and posters were even on the floor.

Glass cracked or completely broken, and even some knick knacks broken or damaged as well. The sight made her sad. She stepped on one of the broken frames and gasped.

She looked down, and saw the exact same photo she had all these years. She knew this was the place she had been searching for, for so long.

She left the room, only to find much of the same condition in the hall. She gently ran her fingers against the photos that still hung desperately from the walls.

But it was just one room that caught her attention, that had no major damage as the rest of the home did. It seemed to be a girl’s room. She walked in, but didn’t find much.

She then made her way downstairs, only to see a girl that looked just as old as Perrywinkle sitting on the floor. Though she had been carefully quiet, using her wings as not to alert anyone in the home, the girl seemed to speak as though she knew she was there.

“I’ve had nothing but pure hatred for him ever since he left me. I never hated him like that before...Some would say we were best friends really…”

Margo decided to take her chances, and spoke up, “’re the baby from that photo...wh-where is this place…?”

“Whatever is left of my home after my father destroyed all of it. I guess this means you’ve been looking for him too?”

“So...If he’s your I--”



The girl stood up, and finally turned to look at her. Her hair was a mess, all tangled, and her eyes were baggy and drenched in shadow.

She had a nasty glare on her face, “You aren’t my mother. You will never be my mother. And the only reason you’re here right now, is because I’m more compassionate than I appear.”

Margo looked down, trying hard not to cry, “I wish I never tried to look for myself. This is horrible. Or is it…? No…! No…! Those visions, these conditions…! The fact that I am a black blood…! I am the end of this place!”


Margo finally let tears run down her face, and she flew quickly out the open front door. She finally stopped in the middle of town. It was night, and it seemed no one was around.

She sobbed, and suddenly her ears flicked up. She turned and growled, “Go away! I hate you! It’s your fault I’m like this!”

Andy stepped out of the shadows of an alleyway just beside her, “Aww, c’mon Margo. I thought we were friends.”

“Go...away…! I told you…! It’s your fault I’m like this…! I would never wanna be friends with you,!!”

“Aww Margo, you hurt my feelings, after all, I am the one who gave you life,” Andy smirked.

“You created me as a black blood, you made me have constant nightmares, I HATE YOU!! GO AWAY!!” Margo growled.

Andy’s smirk turned into a frown and he glared at Margo, “And if I don’t?”

Margo let out a shriek and lunged at Andy, who’s body got consumed by black flames and split apart to dodge the attack.

The flames went back together and quickly disappeared as Andy glared at Margo’s wings.

“I never wanted you as a black blood, I was hoping for a mindless drone, but seeing as you have a mind of your own, I guess it works all the same.” Andy growled and grabbed one of Margo’s wings.


“Giving you the nightmares was supposed to reduce your sanity, much like I did with Shadic before the demon took control of him. But no. You are stronger willed than that little WHORE.” Andy gave Margo’s wing a hard yank, and he heard a pop as it got dislocated and caused Margo to scream.

“I’LL KILL YOU!!” Margo got her wing out of Andy’s grip and threw a wild punch.

Her fist connected to the side of Andy’s face and his body jerked with the energy behind it.

They stayed still for a long moment in the same position, and slowly, Andy began to chuckle madly.

“You just sealed this kingdom’s fate little girl,” Andy’s voice sounded crazy, all sanity lost, “And you can watch as this kingdom burns in the fires of Hell.”

Andy’s body got consumed once more into flames and the flames disappeared with Andy, no where to be seen. Margo gasped in fear, but knew that she couldn’t stop Andy in the state he was in now.

She needed help. But her wing began to bleed quickly, and she found herself becoming dizzy. She fell over, and saw two blurry figures, feeling so overcome with distraught, she practically let herself fall unconscious.

Meanwhile, Shadic was sitting in front of Perrywinkle, having stopped attacking when he saw her face and is now just staring at her, a bit grumpy because she managed to get his knife, but tolerating it.

Perrywinkle had taken up a temporary therapist, instantly seeing that Shadic’s eyes were red again and the demon child was back in control.

“So, why did you take control of his body again?”

“I kinda… Woke up in this body, it was a slight panic what I did at first, having no clue where I was.”

“I see. I never did get your name by the way.”

“Well, I’m not Shadic so I can’t exactly go by that. Before this body, I was called Jeffory, Jeff for short.”

“I see,” Perry nodded and twiddled with the knife a moment, “But why kill?”

“Well... I honestly have no reason for that, it’s just been fun,” Jeff shrugged.

“And I see that with your knife in my hands, you’ve been on edge.”

“I like my knife. Can I have it back?” Jeff reached for the knife but Perry held it away from him.

“Ah ah ah! No knife.” Perry said.

“FINE.” Jeff growled and sat back with his hands in his hoodie pocket and sighed, “By the way, it seems this body has some memories about you, but as a baby. I’m not sure why.”

“We’ll figure it out soon. Right now, I wanna know exactly why you would eat a raw rabbit.”

“I never ate a raw rabbit!!” Jeff cried in defense, but Perry pointed at the rabbit that was left out and had a missing chunk of it, “Oh. That rabbit.”

Just then the door slammed open and in came Shadow. He seemed very mad. And he glared right at Jeff.

“You kidnapped this girl, right after you said you would stop!!” He growled.

“What? No! No I didn’t! She’s been free to leave sin--” Jeff didn’t finish his sentence as Shadow tackled him down.

Jeff screamed like a girl and tried his best to get away from Shadow, but with the male being older, and with more weight than Jeff, he was no match.

“Grandpa stop!” Perrywinkle suddenly shouted.

Shadow’s ears perked up, “...That’s not funny.”

“I’m being serious! I never told you why I came here, I came here to find my father! And what I’ve found may not be what I was expecting, but I needed to make sure he wasn’t actually crazy!”

“You realize your friend was worried sick?”

“...Where is she…?”

“I dropped her off with Paula. It took some convincing.”


“YOU IDIOT!!!” Jeff suddenly screamed.

Shadow scowled, “You’re in no position to insult me FILTH BLOOD.”

“Enough with your nonsensical words man! Paula is highly unstable! I would know! I see how Andy toys with this body’s mind! Do you have any idea what she’s become?!”

“Who is Paula?” Perry asked.

Shadow scoffed, “You say that like you know her.”

“Technically I do. I’ve seen enough to know exactly who she is.”

“Alright fine, she hates her father. So what? I left Margo there.”

“All the more reason why that was a bad idea!”

“QUIET!!!” Perrywinkle suddenly screamed, and both men looked up, “WHO...THE FUCK...IS PAULA?!?!”

“ said you were...the ‘other’ daughter.”

“‘Other?!’ What do you--” that’s when Perrywinkle remembered she wasn’t the only baby in the photo Margo had.

“...I have...a sister…?”

“Who just might wanna hurt your friend yes,” Jeff said.

“...” Perrywinkle’s eye twitched, and suddenly she pounced on Jeff, attempting to choke him, “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT YOU FUCKING DUMB ASS?!?!?!”

“I DIDN’T KNOW I CAN’T SEE ALL HIS MEMORIES!!” Jeff cried, struggling to keep Perry’s hands away from his neck.



Perrywinkle sighed, and finally let go, letting Jeffrey breathe.

After a while, he spoke up, “Technically, since I came across this body when it was younger, I had been sent back in time.”


“I knew Paula. I knew those sick bastards that always tormented her. I was going to kill them, I had my own bone to pick with them anyways.”

“That still doesn’t answer my question.”

“If you would let me finish…! We got into an arguement...I ran off, but I came upon a man of black flame. He went by Riku. Long story short, I got my legs ripped off and sent back in time. Conveniently so I came across the body of the father.”

“You...are a maniac…!”

“No. I am a legless child. Teenager really. I just have a lust for murder,” he said with a smirk.

Shadow rolled his eyes, “Whatever. Again, I want to know how Paula hating her father will be harmful to Margo. She agreed to take her in as I anticipated.”

Jeff shook his head, “It’s an act. She knows better. She’s smart, she’s angry, and she’s depressed. When this body let me take control I was confused, but more or less glad. But the last thing I wanted to do was ruin her.”

“And why specifically people he had something against?”

“I thought I’d at least do him a favor. After all, I feel pitiful that Andy is torturing him. So I began searching through any memories I could get to in order to find his vices.”

“Wait! Wait, is this Andy person… This man?” Perry pulled out a different picture in her bag showing the photo was of Shadic in a one armed hug with Andy.

“Yes. As far as I know.” Jeff said.

“What is the deal with him? Why is he doing this to Shadic?”

Jeffory laughed, “Oh...pure envy, foolish girl. Such  a powerful thing. You know that friend of yours? She’s just a fucking copy. Her past self was a fool. She ignored Andy’s feelings, and chased after this body.”

“...So that’s why...He’s been talking to her…”


“Nothing. But where is he getting these powers?”

“Riku himself. They made a deal long ago, and it remains unbroken today. It will take a lot to get Andy to come to his senses, and I don’t think it’s possible at this point.”

“What do you mean ‘not possible’?” Shadow asked.

“I mean that Andy has been with Riku for a very long time, and if i remember right, the longer you’re with that demon, the more hold he has on you.”

“Is there any way to get him free?” Perry questioned.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I just… I can’t remember anything I read that might help us before getting into this body.”

“Who says you’re gonna help?” Shadow growled.

“Just so you know Shadow, if you dont shut up, I have more knock out stuff in my pocket here. I won’t hesitate to stick you with this drug.”

“I still hate you for that.”

“Yeah yeah.” Jeff sighed, “Anyways, I think it’s just best we find your friend and get her outta--” He didn’t finish his sentence as he suddenly got a massive headache and held his head.

“Jeff? Jeff what’s wrong?!” Perry yelped.

“Damn this body… He’s deciding to fight back now? When I’m trying to help?!”

“What’s goin’ on?” Shadow was surprised at the sudden change in Jeff just as much as Perry was.

Jeff continued to hold his head for a long moment before he finally sighed and let go, “Don’t worry… Shadic’s strength has weakened since being tortured by Andy.. Let’s.. Let’s just go find your friend Perrywinkle. Before something bad happens.”

“Uh… Jeff?” Shadow said.


“Your eyes and nose are bleeding right now.”

“Huh?” Jeff wiped at his cheeks and saw that what Shadow said was true, but he just quickly wiped off as much of the blood as he could.

“What the hell was that about?!” Shadow questioned.

“Shadic’s will must be stronger than I thought, he’s basically punching the… Walls of his little void he’s been in,” Jeff explained, “It hurts his body but he’s trying to gain full control back, not temporary full control.”

“Then give it back to him! You already said you don’t want to harm Paula! Do it!” Perrywinkle shouted.

“I can’t. He’s just as unstable as your sister. His emotions are off the charts. I cannot allow him full access till he realises that Andy is under demonic influence.”

“So...there’s really nothing we can do for him?”

“Not at this moment. No.”

“... Let’s go then.” Shadow said.

Jeff nodded and stood up. Shadow and Perrywinkle did the same and they left the crumbling cabin.


Margo woke up, but didn’t recognize the area she was in. She looked around, only seeing expensive looking furniture and knick knacks.

She stood up, and opened the door. Peeking out, she noticed the hallway was long and tall. Almost intimidating in it’s own right.

She began walking down to the left and only became even more lost and confused. Eventually she bumped into a woman. She looked nervous, but also sad.

She had orange fur, curly hair and red eyes. She wore a dirtied brown cloak, and was clearly a wolf. She stood up, as well as Margo did and ran past her, seeming in a hurry.

Margo shrugged, and kept walking. Though she could’ve sworn she saw a glimmer of green out of the corner of her as the woman passed by.

Eventually she found a large door. Upon opening there was a pathway that lead to a tall and large gate. She pushed it open, and found herself in the village.

It was night once again, and she knew it could’ve been a matter of days since she fainted. She looked up, and saw an all too familiar figure standing atop the roof of one of the houses.

The figure appeared to be holding a lit match. She let her eyes wander downwards, and saw a large pile of hay straws.

She gasped, her wings spreading out, and looked back up. The figure let go of the match letting it fall onto the pile. Just as expected, it burst into flame, and quickly spread.

It wasn’t long before the quiet air of the night was filled with screams. Not only of those burning in the unforgiving flame, but soon those trying to escape it.

Margo watched in horror, and seemed to break down. She curled into a ball, and black tentacles began slithering towards her.


She looked up, and saw Perrywinkle. She seemed to snap back to reality. She stood up, and began to cry and she ran up and hugged her friend tightly.

Perrywinkle forced her off however, “Margo! I should’ve listened! I knew there was a reason I only saw fire in my visions! But I didn’t want to believe it was connected to--”

“I-It’s okay Perry. I saw him. But he’s gone, I just watched him do it. I-I didn’t stop it!” Margo cried between sniffles.

“‘Course you didn’t.” A voice said.

Margo looked and saw Shadic come up with Shadow, his hands in his pockets to show he meant no harm.

“Why are you here?!” Margo couldn’t help but to growl.

“First off,  You didn’t take my knife to let me calm down, Perry here did. Second off, I think I know where Andy is.”


Jeff nodded his head to the castle, “That’s the best place to watch the kingdom. Top floor. He can watch this place burn.”

Margo grabbed Jeff by his hoodie and pulled him close in pure rage, “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT FIRST?!?!”

“Hey don’t hate the legless teenager inside a sex crazed lunatic’s body.” Jeff said defiantly.

Margo ran off quickly before anyone can react. Jeff held his hands behind his head and turned to walk away, but only got a few steps away before his hood got grabbed by Shadow.

“Don’t even think about walking away now. You’re helping your damned mess with Paula.” Shadow growled.

“I ain’t coming quietly if that is what you’re thinking.” Jeff growled.

“Then I’ll rip off you legs again if you ever get a new body of your own.”

“Okay I’ll come quietly,” Jeff yelped and he was drug away by Shadow.

Margo meanwhile was running faster than she ever had in her life. She used his scent as a means to track him, since she hadn’t been in this place before.

Eventually she seemed to reach him, only to find he wasn’t there. “What? This doesn’t make sense! I thought for sure that I--”

“Making sense? What fun is there in making sense?”

Margo growled, and looked up. Andy was practically hanging upside down from the ceiling. Only his feet were placed firmly down as if it were a floor.

“I’m going to kill you, you son of a bitch!”

“Don’t act like you care. You said it yourself, you let this happen. You let me out of your grasp.”

“I won’t make that mistake again. You’ll die here and you’ll die now,” she hissed back at him acidly.

“Hmph, even a black blood cannot stop me. You are worthless, trashy, disgusting, from the gutter, low life scum. Go cry to your boyfriend, and stop pretending to be someone you’re not.”

Margo scowled, “You’re a coward. You hide behind words like you’re threatening. But you’re not. You’re just a petty little girl. I know exactly why you’re doing this.”

“Oh? Then you should know that you’re nothing but a whore. Just like your past self.”

“No. I am not. I do not care for him or you. I only care for my friends. And you have hurt them. You have done nothing but torture me, and now I’m going to return the favor.”

“Then prepare to die, stupid filth blood,” Andy sneered.

Margo screamed out in rage, and lunged at Andy, tackling him through the window.

Andy let out a yell of rage and looked at the ground as it quickly came to them. His body burst into black flames and he slid to where he was a few feet above Margo before the flames vanished.

“I WILL NOT DIE!!!” Andy yelled.

He burst into flames again and Margo saw him shoot to the roof of the castle. Her wings flew open and she quickly flew after him.

“I WILL KILL YOU!!” She screamed.

Andy landed on the roof of the castle and the flames faded away, he looked down to Margo but he didn’t see her, so he thought he was safe.

That only lasted a moment as he was suddenly slammed into from the side, he let out a screech of pure anger and fear as he felt fists connect to his face and body

“GET OFF ME!!” He screamed.

Margo smirked, “Gladly,” She hissed and slammed her fist against Andy’s face.

The force threw him forward and he slammed into a wall, causing it to crack from the force. He slid down the wall, seeming unconscious for the moment.

Then he slowly moved and wiped the blood coming out of his nose.

“Huh... It’s been a long time since I’ve bled.” Andy chuckled, “OH How I’ve MISSED that feeling!”

“Good. Because there’ll be a lot of it comin’ up soon!” Margo growled.

“From you maybe.”

“I don’t think you wanna make that bet, Riku.” She said.


“Oh please Andy, I can tell when it’s not you. Stay out of my affairs.”

“Or WHAT?” Andy hissed.

“Or I’m sure you’ll find even demons can die,” she hissed back, lunging forward once more.

While this was all happening, Shadow, Perrywinkle, and Jeff were all making their way to Paula. She herself had been aware of the event, but gave no orders.

She had seemed to have given up hope, and had no life left in her eyes. Though not physically, she was dead in her own mind.

The trio finally stepped into the torn up home, and searched it. However, once they did, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Jeffory had come across an open door, and saw that Paula was sitting in the middle of the room. He also took note of the smashed possessions and furniture.

“G-Guys? I found her!” he said. But no one came.

He sighed, and knew he had to face his mistake on his own. He inched slowly, and carefully towards the broken girl.

He reached out a hand once he was close enough, “...Paula?”

Without warning, she turned and lunged at him trying to get her hands around his neck. Jeff screamed like a little girl.

She began screaming at him, only making sense once he actually started listening, “HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOUR FACE HERE, YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!!!! I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU FOR LEAVING ME HERE!!!”

Jeff knew she was near insanity, and thought hard.

“No tag backs!” He yelped.

Paula seemed to snap out of it for a moment, “Wh-Wha?”

“N-No tag backs...need a hide…!”

Paula blinked, and one of her eyes twitched, “...J...Jeff…?”

“S-Surprise?” he said, nervously.

Paula suddenly passed out, falling to her side. It was only then Jeff found that Shadow and Perrywinkle were watching the whole time.


“I wanted to see where it went,” Shadow said with a shrug.


“She didn’t did she?”


“Enough you two,” Perry interrupted, “We have more pressing matters to attend to, what do we need to do with Paula?”

“Hell if I know, she just fainted.” Jeff said.

“Let’s wake her up then.” Shadow suggested.

“I’d rather not have my ass handed to me by a girl again thanks.”

“It’s clear that little stunt you pulled worked. But...I have never seen so much hatred in someone’s eyes.”

Jeff sighed, “Dammit. I didn’t wanna turn her into this. I didn’t even think about it.”

“It’s just like my wife...only worse. It seems she’s turned down the same path as her father.”

“I think I know a way to get her to snap to reality.”

Jeff and Shadow both looked up at Perrywinkle, who was staring at Paula’s unconscious figure.

“I can get inside her mind. I can talk her down. If it’s not too late…”

“Then do it. If it’s really what you think will help her.”

Perrywinkle stepped forward, and her eyes glowed a pure white. Her hair and ears seemed to float upwards, as if a wind were blowing them.

She found herself in a blackness, small white cracks here and there. In the middle she saw Paula, just as decrepit as she was before.

Perrywinkle noticed a dark blue shadowy-goopy like creature near Paula. It had red eyes, and seemed to be forming off of Paula.

Perrywinkle walked up to Paula, and finally spoke up, “Of all the people I have met on my journey, you are truly the most pitiful.”

“...What does it matter…? He will burn us all, and nothing will be left of this place…”

“You do not understand Paula. It wasn’t yo- ...our father that night. Surely after your conscious memories you know it’s Jeffory?”

“...I’ve hated him for years...I never let myself feel any pity, or sadness, or even happiness. Just anger. I turned into a monster...I turned into my own father…!”

“But you are not. There is still a chance sister, wake up. Wake up and realize what is fantasy and what is reality!”


Perrywinkle suddenly felt the area shake, and finally, the cracks burst. Whiteness covered the black, and the creature of shadow was wiped out.

Paula stood up, but Perrywinkle noticed she looked so much younger. Almost like a toddler. Her fur was cleaner, and her eyes glittered brightly with happiness.

Eventually, Perrywinkle found herself back in the torn up bedroom, Paula still lying unconscious on the floor. The girl began to stir.

“Nn...wha…?” Paula murmured.

Perrywinkle’s eyes reverted back to normal, and she appeared to be dizzy. She fell over, only to have Jeff catch her.

Paula sat up, and looked up at her visitors, “Grandpa…? And…”

Paula froze, as a deer would in headlights, “P...Papi…?”

Jeff suddenly dropped Perrywinkle as he held his head again, “Fuck…! What the hell is he…?!”

Shadow grabbed Perrywinkle before she hit the floor, and smacked Jeff, “Knock it off moron!”

“Well ex-cuse me if he’s fighting my hold!” Jeff snapped.

Jeff, still rubbing his head, then helped Paula up. She listened patiently as they explained the whole situation to her, and by the end of it, she was in panic.

“This is terrible! I must issue an order this instant! How could I have been so blind?!”

“Do not blame yourself sister. And I wouldn’t worry too much. We’ve got a friend handling Andy face-to-face.”

“Jeffory, can my father hear me?”

“Yes. But it wouldn’t be wise to speak to him right now. Like I said, he’s really unstable.”


“It’s alright Paula. I’m sure once this all blows over, he’ll come around.”

“For now, lets see how Margo is holding up,” Perry said.

Jeff nodded and held his head as another headache came around, only this time causing his nose to bleed a bit.

“I swear once he stops fighting I’m gonna punch him.” Jeff growled under his breath, but shook his head and wiped away the blood, “Perry I’m gonna need Mr. Stabby.”

“Why do you need the knife?”

“Either that or this body dies in battle, I have no clue how to defend myself without a weapon.”

“... Fine, but don’t run off understand?” Perry said.

“Yeah yeah just hand him over.” Jeff held out his hand and Perrywinkle placed the knife she had took from him into his hand.

“Good, now let’s go,” Jeff said.

“Who made you leader?” Shadow growled.

One of Jeff’s eyes turned blue and he suddenly sounded halfway like Shadic, “Says the man that can shove a foot up your ass if you piss him off. Now LETS GO.” His eyes turned to red again.

There was nothing but the sound of screaming, and crashing. The crashing from the constant banging and shoving and blows to each other that Margo and Andy had been giving out the whole time.

Margo finally seemed to have enough, and screeched. She slammed Andy down to the ground, and leaped backwards.

“When will you learn?”

“SHUT UP,” she hissed, her voice suddenly sounding much different. Older even.

Andy’s ears perked up, and his eyes widened at the all-too-familiar voice.

However, her next words were hissed halfway between both the older voice and her own, “I HATE YOU. YOU HAVE CURSED ME WITH THESE WINGS. YOU HAVE TORTURED ME IN MY DREAMS. YOU HAVE HURT MY FRIENDS.”


“I...I…” Andy whimpered.


Andy seemed very afraid of Margo, but his fear suddenly turned into pain as he felt as if his body was being ripped to shreds.

He let out a scream of pure agony and held his head as he fell to his knees. Margo was startled with confusion for a moment till she saw a black form tearing itself away from Andy’s body.

“AGGHHHH!!!!!” Andy screamed, “STOP IT!! IT HURTS!!”

Finally the black form tore away from Andy with an audible ripping sound before quickly slithering away before anyone could react.

Andy’s hands fell to the ground and he held himself up for the moment, shaking in fear and pain, seeming unable to understand what was happening.

Suddenly he started to cough and hack, and finally vomited out a black liquid before falling to his side and passing out.

He awoke in a torn up bed. He held his head, which was aching horribly, and turned to see Paula. At first, having just woken up, he said, “Oh hey Paula.”

Then the reality of his situation sunk in, and he found himself fully awake. He swung his head around, colliding with Paula’s.

They both groaned in pain and held their heads. After a while they settled, and Andy looked up again.

Paula smiled nervously, “H-Hey Uncle.”

“’’re taller...and you have…”

“Y-Yeah um...I have a lot to explain to you. You’ve...been gone for about...umm...thirteen years?”

Andy’s eye twitched, “...Th-That...I just saw you guys yesterday that can’t...but you’re so much older…!”

Suddenly, Andy’s ears flicked up, and he slowly turned to look at her, “Where’s Margo…?”

Paula’s nervous smile, turned into a frown, and she looked away. Tears formed in her eyes, and she finally spoke, “M-Mom is...she…”

Andy’s face became filled with fear, “...N-No that...that can’t be right…!”

“B-By the lake uncle…! She’s by the lake…!” Paula said between sobs.

Though he could see Paula was not joking, he got up, and rushed out the door. He made his way into the forest, and to the lake as Paula had said.

Her words were true, a gravestone lay close to the edge of the water. Margo’s named was engraved in it, as well as a few other words.

“No… No that can’t be right…” Andy whispered as his hand covered his mouth and tears fell down his face, “Margo... No...”

Andy seemed to break down, and he slumped over. He sat there for what seemed like hours, before a sound caused his ears to shoot up in instinct.

A squeak was heard, and he turned around, “Wh-Who’s there…?!”

A familiar set of eyes peeked from behind a tree, and Andy couldn’t help but to smile, “M-Margo?!”

“...No...I’m not her…” the girl whimpered.

His smile fell again, “Th-Then who...Who are you?”

“You created me. Don’t you remember?”

“No...I don’t…”

“’t remember anything that happened either…?”

“I’m not sure. What are you talking about exactly?”

“Try and think back to about thirteen years ago.”

Andy thought, and thought, then finally it came to him, “That demon…! He trapped me…! Aw, dammit I can’t believe I fell for his lies…!”

Margo just waited and stared as he continued to talk to himself. Eventually he stopped, and turned his gaze to her, “You...I Riku injected his DNA into you and made you from a blood sample.”

“Yes. And”

“...Thank you so much for freeing me… I shouldn’t have fallen for his lies...”

“It’s…It’s no problem,” She said.

Andy stayed quiet for a long time before he smiled softly, “Would you like to sit with me...?” He asked.

“Y...You’re not afraid of me..?”

“No. I’ve seen a lot of things in my life...I won’t be scared of a black blood, besides you seem sweet.”

Margo stayed still for a moment before she went over to Andy and sat down next to him. She felt awkward to say the least, but he seemed alright.

“How long was I out once you freed me?” Andy asked.

“About three days. It seemed like you hadn’t eaten well for a long time so we spoon fed you soup while you were out of it.”

“Ah. I see,” Andy said, but then he added, “As long as I didn’t talk in my sleep.”

“You said funny things.”

“Shit. What did I say?” Andy’s voice turned into a bit higher tone, he was a bit embarrassed.

“You said something about rainbows and unicorns the first day, the second day you were talking about… Um.. Being tied up and bleeding, I’m not sure about that, and yesterday you were just naming off foods.”

“Oh. Okay.” Andy could feel his ears burning from embarrassment, but he choose not to explain the bleeding and tied up thing.

They stayed quiet for a long time, and Margo noticed that Andy kept glancing at her wings.

“Why are you looking at them?” She asked.

“I-I don’t mean to be rude! I swear! I just…May I feel your wings really fast? I’ve never seen anyone with wings. Even Tailsica keeps hers hidden pretty well so you can’t tell!”

“Oh. Sure?” Margo opened up one of her wings and Andy gently grabbed it before slowly examining the wings.

“These are strange, it makes me wonder if your bones are lightweight so you can fly around, but that might also make it to where you can easily break your bones as well,”

Andy was more curious of Margo’s wings that he didn’t realize Margo was blushing furiously while he poked and prodded at her wings.

Her other wing even opened up, and she stopped paying attention to his words. She seemed lost in herself.

Eventually Andy noticed, and stopped touching her wings. They immediately closed, and she shuddered, “Mm…! I hate these stupid things…!”

“Um...are you okay…?”

“I don’t...know...I feel weird…!” she admitted, still blushing.

Andy blushed, realising why she was acting like this, “O-Oh. Um...I won’t do that then.”

“It’s okay. It’s never happened before. Anyways, I’d like to apologise for what I said to you.”

“Oh...Th-That’s were pretty mad, and rightfully so.”

“I just wanted to ask...if make it up to you, we could...maybe be friends?” she said, a shy smile on her face.

Andy’s ears perked up a bit and he stayed quiet for a moment before smiling and giving Margo a tight hug, and he sounded full on gay when he spoke, “Hon, you got yourself a deal. We can be friends.”


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