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I do appreciate that you ackknownledge your mother. Most people don't do that nowadays. I would just like to say I admire you did this ...


Hey guys, your moderator here for some chatter time about Silver The Hedgehog. First appearing in the most hated game in its fandom, Sonic 06 was conceived as annoying and stupid. But now and then I think, "was he really THAT bad?" Well let's have a look. When you first start the game, he appears at the end of a bad ads intro sequence with a line that made said scene perfect. It was an amazing introduction to our new villan. Another cutscene rolls by with what you expect, the princess gets captured and then it's daylight. The next few minutes of your life are most likely horrendous. But let's get back to what you most likely clicked on this entry for. His second appearance in Sonic's story is in the middle of an outdoors restraunt, even though the setting for it is bad, still another great entrance, then you probably were near killing yourself with the fight that followed. Lines like "It's No Use" and "Take this" were burned into your brain. But when I look at it story wise, Silver is filled with hatred towards Sonic obviously, even if you don't know what yet in the game, he's clearly powerful and doesn't mess around. Yeah, it's a shit way of trying to look at how it's NOT the worst one in the game. After you somehow manage to beat him, guess what? Didn't matter. Sonic's left defenseless, Elise is captured again, and then they throw in a confusing thing about Amy knowing Silver and it seems you've just about given up on this game. But you find him again when you're warped to the future, you see him, Blaze, and a mouthless "recolor" of Shadow. Pallet swap is a better term. Unfortuneately, they don't give much clue for you to know why Silver actually trusts this clearly dark and evil character, other than he's hunting down Sonic for reason that he believes he's the cause of Iblis being released. They disappear and it's a while before you get back to your own timeline. Then his next appearance with the one cutscene all three stories have, he once again makes an entrance, seeming more agitated than ever as he locks sonic in his thrall. Then Shadow jumps in and we're left to remember the mysterious name, "Mephiles." When I first bought and played this, I figured that even Silver's own entrances and lines were more interesting than the story that was going on. And when me, my friends, and even my little sister look back on it, they were. Anyways, then it comes down to his last appearance in Sonic's storyline, where he, confusingly so, starts helping Sonic rather than attack him. This won't be explained till later, which leaves you pretty much dumbfounded. But once you leave him again, you're only left with his objective of "taking care of something" while he counts on you to protect the princess. Of course, I think he did show a light of concern here, cause it's clearly another Shadow and Maria thing. But we'll see more of that later. Of course, after that, you don't seem him again for the rest of Sonic's story. 
He has more explanation in Shadow's story of course, though the explanation for his friend that looks like Shadow is kind of lazy at first, you figure it out later. You inevitably run into Silver once again with that same cutscene, following the same fight again, but then we find that Silver is out to change the future, rather than just take out Sonic. Then we're taken to the past again, where it's pretty much explained why Mephiles looks so much like Shadow. But that aside, again, it's the last time you see Silver with Shadow's storyline. 
Then there's Silver's own storyline, explaining a shit ton of things we didn't know. So far as where he's from, who he is, and what his ultimate goal is. For those of you who DON'T know by now, major spoilers. Anyways, he explains with an amazing narration and a fucking amazing cutscene how ever since he was born, his world was pretty much just hell. He explains how no one can defeat it's cause, Iblis. Then we're introduced to Blaze once again, though the game itself neglects to explain why she's there since she's supposed to be in the sol dimension, I digress. You're left with a stupidly easy boss fight again and we're finally introduced properly to Mephiles. Clearly of course with someone so dark and delirious looking you can only assume Silver has known him for a long time. Then we understand why Silver has been pretty much out to get Sonic the entire game. That doesn't make him less stupid of course, I know, but it's a better explanation than "SONIC IS BAAAAD." After that, he finds himself separated from all his friends in the past. Then we're introduced to Amy, clearing up a few questions we probably had along the way. Though with Silver's objective being on something so serious, I still can't understand why he takes Amy distracting him so lightly. If the matter is so serious and devastating why does he take it like it's a fucking stain on a shirt? It's never really explained. Especially when she drags him along for no reason. Of course there's a scene much later where he's clearly awe-struck by the beauty of his surroundings. Then, again, you're back to square one, where he actually finds Sonic and you start questioning the battle that follows. Though you usually manage to beat it. After that, you understand the next two cutscenes a bit more than you did the first time. Now you find Silver and Blaze together again and they go after a different target for better answers. Of course it's not really helpful, since he goes after Sonic again and the whole time travel thing. But it's much different since Silver goes through more trauma and risk in his chase. He witnesses a girl losing her father of course, and you see a whole nother story when in Silver's storyline. You see him give up his emerald he found earlier, as a "lucky charm" to the young Elise. It's at this point I'm convinced he's more of a watcher to Elise in the future. After that, you better understand the cutscene from way earlier where Silver is suddenly helping rather than hurting. And after that, you already understand at this point where Silver goes. But in the end of the process, he loses his companion, Blaze, to the cause. The clouds fade away revealing the sun, of course, leaving the hero unsatisfied.
Now, I know I skipped the comics explanation here made him look SLIGHTLY more stupid. So I'm not gonna go over that, but finally I ask you, was Silver the hedgehog REALLY...REEEAAALLLY so bad? No. When you look at it, he's actually more interesting than anything else in the entire game. Which is why I said in a previous journal I'd love for him to have his own game! He's fucking awesome! Anyways, that's my time for today, leave a comment and lemme know what YOU think!


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