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Congratulations by NaterRang

Absolutely beautiful. I am in face shedding tears my good sir. This shows 120% how important it is to stay loyal to those who love an c...

Arteses Mom, Casey Cook! (pony) by Arteses-Canvas

I do appreciate that you ackknownledge your mother. Most people don't do that nowadays. I would just like to say I admire you did this ...


Recently I rewatched the power ponies episode, and as you all know our friend (not mine anyways) Rainbow Professionalism Danger Dash is the fastest pony in all of Equestria. OR IS SHE?! I know, you guys will tell me since this is a comic book it doesn't count cause it's not really Equestria, but...whose to say this comic book's "Maretropolis" is a fictional city IN Equestria? Now, Pinkie in this episode is known as "Fillysecond." Her power? Speed. Supersonic speeds to be exact. Some speeds unmatched to Dashie in so many ways, like the fact at the end of the episode, she somehow left to get cupcakes without us seeing during the portal sucking them in or whatever it was. Rainbow Dash can't move that fast, and that scene implies she moves at the speed of light. Pinkie, I mean, but then I realized, Pinkie is pretty damn fast anyways. We've seen her in that Gilda episode when Dashie is running away, she'll get somewhere far, only for Pinkie to already be there. Same with Party Of One. Think about it. Leave me some comments and lemme know what YOU think. 


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