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Princess Peach Cosplay
I know I'm not wearing shoes, I'm fixin' to get some soon. This is just me in my costume for this year.
Next Generation - Dragon Ball Z by MargonaTheFox
Next Generation - Dragon Ball Z
First off, fuck resurrection f. Second, this took some thinking, especially for the base I was going to use for this. 
Anyways, I'll name them off, starting from the back row :
Purrin, Bulma (Leigh), Zeri, and Mia.
Front row :
Limon, Momo, and Clementine.

Limon is the child of Goten and Valese, Clementine, Momo, and Mia are all the children of Trunks and Mai, Purrin is the child of Uub and Marron, 
Zeri is Pan's son and as for Bulma...well, like I said fuck resurrection f. I'll leave that up to you.

Original base made by :iconcrazzy-glazi: and is here -…

Inspiration for Zeri's outfit is here -…

BUlma and Mia's outfits came from here -…

18000. He had it memorized. Today he was free to be an adult and go out on his own. But…

He could always remember it. His parents always said there was something important about today. But now that they were both gone…

“Whatever, probably was just an exaggeration. Besides, I have something far more important to do today.”

He glanced over at the glinting diamond ring on a necklace sitting on the desk across the room. He sighed, “This is never going to work.”

Throwing the covers off, he stood up and got dressed, putting his favorite jacket on of course. He picked up the necklace and put it in his pocket.

He decided to head out to the forest and take a walk. It seemed more quiet than usual, until of course he saw a small looking figure zip by in the bushes.

His ears flicked up, and his senses were telling him to follow. Not only that, but the scent that came from the figure seemed familiar.

The figure seemed to move with absolute panic. Eventually however Talon caught up when it ran out of breath and halted.


“Oh my god! Don’t hurt me! Please please please for the love of our dear queen Philomena please don’t hurt me!”

The figure cowered and shook in fear on the dirt ground. Talon began to feel nervous, “C-Calm down! I just wanna help! My name’s Talon, I was wondering if you were in any trouble.”

“Talon…? Prince...Talon…?”

“Um...I’m not a prince, but I have been eyeing a certain princess for a while.”


The small figure stood up and turned around. It gasped, “Oh my god…! is you…! You’ve come back to liberate us just as the gods predicted!”

“Hey, calm down now. I’m no prince, I just came by to see if you need any help. Now what’s wrong?”

“ kingdom is under siege…! The Dark King Osairus has returned! He’s even captured an outsider! I tried to help but I was caught and kicked out!”


“She was a blue wolf with golden hair.”

Talon gasped and his eyes widened, “Bella! Oh no…! She must’ve gone too far while exploring…! Quick! Take me to where she’s being held!”

“Y-Yes of course savior!”

“Stop calling me that…” he growled under his breath as he followed the small creature.

“By the way, who and what are you?”

“I am Berry, one of the last survivors of Fox Clan.”

“F-Fox Clan…?!” Talon gasped.

“Yes, there were many great catastrophes in our time, the greatest being the rise of The Dark King Osairus. He was overcome by rage and jealousy, and he killed his parents, the princess, and even the young prince Talon.”

“What a monster…! How could he just kill a little kid like that…?!”

“Don’t you remember your highness?”

“I told you I’m not a prince!” Talon exclaimed.

“Wait! Get down!”

Berry suddenly pulled Talon down into the bushes. He looked up, and saw a massive castle that seemed...familiar.

“Hey! What is this place?!”

“Shh! He could hear us! Then that girl will never get out!”

“Would you just answer me?! I swear it’s like you can’t even hear me!” Talon growled.

“Please! I don’t want Osairus to hear us, you want to rescue that girl don’t you?”

Talon sighed, “Y-Yes...continue…”

“We have to find a way in around the back. Let’s see, there’s a secret passage, but I’m not sure I can open it from the outside.”

“Well we’ve got to try!”

“Right,” Berry stated as she nodded. She stood up and quietly lead Talon around the large structure.

They eventually reached a door, the lock being a circular hole, “Oh great. Of course it’s got some kind of complex locking mechanism. The key could be anything!”

Talon then proceeded to take out a ring piercing from his ear. Berry looked up at him, “What’re you doing? There’s no way that’s going to work!”

Talon let out a deep growl, “Shut up. It’s my turn to lead the way thank you very much.”

Finally Talon removed the large accessory and stuck it in the lock. For a moment they both began to think it wouldn’t work, but then a glow peeked out from under the ring and the door slid open.

“I...I don’t believe it…!”

“Whatever! Let’s just go! I’m here for Bella, no one else! Got it?”

“...I understand great savior.”

“I will eat you.”


Berry remained silent, as she followed the irritated boy down into the chambers of the castle. They eventually reached a dark and damp place of grey stones.

Talon nearly gagged at the whole situation as he played it back in his head. They eventually came to another door, this time the lock being in the shape of a strange symbol.

“Fox Clan…”


“It’s the symbol of our entire race, our very clan.”

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. Forget this! I’m just going to blast this door open!” Talon held his hand out, a ball of energy forming.

But Berry grabbed his arm before he could fire, “No don’t! He could hear us and then we’d never get to that girl! You want her safe don’t you?!”

Talon glared at the girl but lowered his hand. He stared at the lock for a long time, “Wait a minute...that looks...familiar…”

Talon then remembered his sister’s jacket had the same symbol on it. He scowled, “Well...that doesn’t exactly help me now…”

“This must’ve been meant for the princess’s necklace. It’s just the right size too. But I haven’t seen that thing in years.”

“Necklace huh? Hmm...I’ve got it! I remember now! It was the only thing she had left to Perry!”

“Sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Hey kid, you got an emerald?”

“Y-Yes...I stole it just before I was kicked out,” Berry admitted, pulling out a yellow glowing gemstone. She seemed nervous just looking at it.

Talon snatched it, and it began glowing even brighter. Berry was both frightened and perplexed. What was he planning?

“Vampire…” he started.

Berry gasped, “No way…!”


In a flash of light the boy was gone right before Berry’s own eyes. She began to panic, not knowing whether she should keep still or go search for Talon.

Neither yielded satisfying results. But her panic didn’t last long as another flash of light returned the boy that had just disappeared.

She could hardly believe her eyes when he held up a necklace with a charm in the same shape and size as the lock.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, had to pick this up from a friend of mine. Let’s go!”

Berry smiled nervously, “Y-Yes indeed…”

Talon gently pushed the charm into the lock and just like before a glow emitted from under it and the door opened.

Through the doorway was a large hallway filled with steel doors. The doors themselves had small windows that were barred up, and it was even damper in this new location than the last.

Talon growled, “I don’t like the looks of this Berry.”

“What do you mean? It’s no trap if that’s what you’re anticipating. Even Osairus doesn’t know of this secret passage.”

“Somehow I find that hard to believe.”

“I’m telling the truth! I’m trying to help you!”

“Whatever, let’s just find Bella and go,” Talon snapped. He was becoming annoyed with the whole scenario.

They walked until Berry stopped him near a stairway, “There. I hear something.”

Talon’s ears flicked up. It was true. It was faint, but he could hear familiar sobs behind the steel door, “Bella! Bella it’s me! Are you in there?!”

The sobs stopped and a gasp sounded, “T-Talon? I don’t believe did you find me…?”

“It’s okay Bells, I’m gonna get you outta here.”

Berry noticed that Talon was trembling. Not from fear, but from anger. She knew that he didn’t quite believe what he was saying either.

“Oh, ho ho! I’d love to see you try brat!”

Talon growled and turned, but Berry trembled in fear. He looked up and down at the person before him, memorising every detail so that he could tear each piece of it apart.

The first thing he noticed was his familiar scent, it was foul and disgusting. The man was tall, his dark blue fur bristling in annoyance.

The last two things he noticed were his eyes and cape. Each matched the other, both nearly blood red. “So...who’s this guy?”

Berry shivered, “That’s him, that’s The Dark King Osairus! The one who almost caused our extinction!”

Osairus chuckled, “Yes that’s right. You know Talon, I didn’t think that stupid prophecy was true...but now that you’re here I suppose I was wrong.”

“Seriously, what the hell are you people on about?!”

“Haven’t you been paying attention to your instincts boy? Tell me...doesn’t something about me seem familiar?”

Talon growled, he wasn’t wrong. The whole time he’d been here he knew something was up, “Yeah...well I didn’t come here for you. I came here for Bella.”

“As I said, I’d love to see you try and take her.”

Berry looked behind her, and that’s when she realised they were surrounded by guards, “What?! Impossible!”

“What? Thought I didn’t know about that secret passage way? You must take me for a fool Berry.”


“None of your concern. Now boy, are you going to come quietly or do we have to get rough about it?”

“You don’t scare me old man!”

“Grah! How dare insubordinate little brat!”

Talon smiled, a cocky smile he had gotten from hanging around Shadic when he was a kid, “You say that like I don’t know my own power.”

“Power?! Impossible! You’re just some spoiled little brat!”

“Whatever, but before I rip out your insides, tell exactly does this place tie to me? I can sense it’s familiarity but...I can’t put the pieces together.”

Osairus smirked, “Alright little brat you want to know the truth? You’re dead.”

Talon’s ears flicked up and his eyes widened in shock. How could he be dead? He was right here!

“ least you were. You were always a stupid child. I was going to finish it, I was going to get rid of my wretched sister! But you got in my way…”

“Got in your way…?”

“You died by my hands, a death that was meant for your mother. My sister. I am the only one that deserves respect. She stole everything from me, and even you didn’t bother to look my way!”

Talon growled, he had heard enough, “Sorry, but you must have me confused with someone else. I’d remember you and your crazy face.”

Berry shook her head, “Great Savior, I don’t think this is the time to fight!”

“Would you shut up with that?! My name is Talon! Talon!!” he yelled, agitated.

“Doesn’t matter, you’ll all be dead soon enough.”


Master sighed, “Today is the final day...such a shame, I was getting quite fond of this one. He sure was interesting.”

His ear twitched as footsteps approached him from behind. He glanced back to see his student, Shadow. He was carrying a bag, though he didn’t have many cloths.

“Alright Master...I think it’s time I go… Besides, I have to get home it’s important.”

“Yes, I’m aware. Your boy Talon will not fail, that much I know.”

“I hope you’re right Master. I owe you my sincere gratitude for helping me cleanse my anger.”

“Yeah yeah, now hurry up. I can sense danger at that old crumpled place.”

Shadow nodded, “Right.”

Master watched as he sped off, and let out another sigh, “You’re still arrogant despite your anger being vanquished. This will certainly be interesting.”


Asurath was pacing back and forth, it wasn’t normal for Talon to be gone this long. In fact, he hadn’t been out so long since he was just a little boy.

He stood still as he heard a small yawn behind him, “Big brother…? Why’re you walking around like that…?”

Asurath sighed, “Sorry sis, Talon’s been gone all morning. It’s not like him to be away for so long.”

“Maybe he’s finally taking my advice,” she said, dragging a blanket behind her.

Asurath raised an eyebrow while also perplexed at his sister’s child-like nature, despite her age, “What advice?”

“He’s been nervous about that girl he’s been with. Bella was it? He’s been considering proposing with a promise ring but he’s scared. So I told him he should just man up and go for it.”

“Huh. Well, I’m still worried. It’s not norm--”

A knock interrupted their conversation, and Asurath’s ears shot up in surprise, “Huh? Could that be him?”

Asurath walked up to the door, opening it slowly. But he gasped at who he saw, “Sh-Sh-Sh….Shadow…?!”

Shadow seemed un-amused at his friend’s reaction to his appearance, “Hello Asurath.”

“What’re you doing here?! You didn’t even bother to call!”

“I don’t have a phone remember...?” Shadow said.

“Big brother...? Who’s that…?” Tailsica came up behind Asurath.

Asurath seemed to tense in pure fear as he saw Shadow’s face turn from shock to anger in a matter of seconds. Shadow faced Asurath.

“Is there somewhere we can talk privately?” Shadow asked, though his voice was laced with cold hearted rage.

“Uh… Y-Yeah sure buddy…!” Asurath grinned nervously and went into the kitchen.

Shadow followed him, while Tailsica watched his every move.

“Don’t hurt big brother mister scary hedgehog...” Tailsica said, though her voice was still very sleepy.

“I will make no promises,” Shadow said as he went into the kitchen with Asurath.

In a matter of seconds Tailsica heard Asurath and Shadow yelling at each other about someone, but she couldn’t really hear them all that well. She was deaf in one ear, and her good ear didn’t help much unless it was quieter talking.

Inside the kitchen Asurath and Shadow stopped yelling at each other in a temporary truce.

“Alright Asurath, tell me what happened,” Shadow growled.

“I just found her on the doorstep one day. She was so confused, her memories were all jumbled, couldn’t remember who she even was.” Asurath said.

“Does she remember anything?”

“No. She doesn’t remember you Shadow. She hasn’t said a word about you since being here.”

“How old is she right now?” Shadow asked, he had noticed that Tailsica had looked younger than when she had died.

“Around 17000. Maybe a bit older than that. She acts like a child though. I guess this would of been her if she didn’t change in her past life,” Asurath said, crossing his arms and looking away from Shadow.

Shadow sighed, “Alright. Alright. She doesn’t remember me, and it seems like she barely remembers anything else either. Does she remember the bastard that bit her before?”

“Sadly, yes. She remembers someone that bit her, and when she first saw Shadic she screamed and ran. I managed to make her think it was a nightmare and Shadic was harmless.”

Shadic knows about her?” Shadow glared.

“Yes. He came over one day to check up on me and Talon. He saw her and after the screaming scene, they’ve become close friends. Maybe more. I’m not entirely sure about that,” Asurath said.

“...Whatever, I found myself a new mate anyways.”

“You what?! When?! You told me you were training to keep your anger in check!”

“I was. I’ll tell you later, right now, I need to see Talon.”

“He’s been gone all morning. And that’s longer than usual. Even for a teen like him. You never really told me what’s supposed to go down today.”

Shadow glanced at his bag, pulling out a book with the Fox Clan symbol on it, “This was something I found when I first came across Talon.”

“What is it?”

“The boy has incredible power, he had it since he was a small baby. My wife and I were planning to prepare him for today.”

“Why? I don’t get it, what’s happening?”

“...Do you recall the name Osairus?”

Asurath’s ears shot up again, and he nodded.

“He’s back Asurath. Talon is the only one capable of defeating him. He is your very race’s last hope Asurath, do you understand?”


“Big brother?” a small voice asked.

Shadow and Asurath turned to see Tailsica at the door to the kitchen, she was rubbing one of her eyes, she was still sleepy.

“Yes sister?” Asurath said, his voice going gentle.

“Who’s the big scary man with the fuzzy chest?” She asked.

“O-Oh. This is your...Uncle. Shadow. He never visited before because he was out training.”

“Uncle…?” Tailsica looked to Shadow and her head tilted a bit.

“Um… H-Hey kiddo...” Shadow said nervously.

Tailsica walked up to Shadow and looked up at him, she was shorter than him so she had to tilt her head back a little.

Shadow noticed her eyes were blue sapphires, he had not seen those eyes in a long time, even if they were tired looking.

Tailsica stared at Shadow for a long moment before she grabbed his glasses and adjusted them on his face.

“They were crooked,” She said before she smiled and hugged him.

Shadow was shocked for a moment at the hug, but he hugged her back tightly.

“I’m glad to meet you uncle Shadow,” Tailsica said.

“Glad to meet you too kiddo…” Shadow said with a soft smile.

Asurath smiled, but his ears flicked up again, “Uh...Shadow, do you think that...Talon is at the old ruins of Fox Clan?”

Shadow’s eyes widened, as he let go of Tailsica, “If that’s true, I have to hurry. He’s powerful, and we trained him the best we could, but he’ll need my help.”

“Be careful. I don’t want you to disappear again.”

“Sure,” he said, nodding.

“Be careful uncle...!” Tailsica said.

“I will...I promise you that…”

They both watched as he grabbed the book and sped off once more, “...I hope you know what you’re doing…”


Talon glared hard at Osairus, feeling a deeper hatred for him than he remembered having before. He was upset that he captured Bella, and possibly even hurt her, but this was too much rage for something like this.

“What’s the matter brat? Are you mad because I turned your precious kingdom upside-down and back again?”

Talon growled, but his ears flicked up when he heard Bella’s voice again, “Talon don’t! I know you’re angry, but fighting won’t help!”


“You don’t even know how strong he is! You’re powerful, but what if he is too?!”

“...Grr! You’re right…! I can’t fight him… Not now, not here…”

Osairus laughed, “Good little brat, now get in your cage like the little rat you are.”

Talon finally lost it, “I’M NOT A DAMNED RAT!!” He screamed.

“Oh yes you are,” Osairus chuckled, “Just like your mother.”

Talon’s hands clenched into fists as the whites and color of his eyes turned a bright red. Black smoke also started to come out of the corners of his eyes.

“Shut…. Up…” Talon snarled.

“Or what? As your little fuck toy said, you have no idea how powerful I really am.”

“I will rip out your entrails and hang you with them…!”

“I’d love to see you try.”

“Talon! Stop!” A voice suddenly joined in.

Talon’s ears flicked up, hearing the all-too-familiar voice he hadn’t heard in years.

The wall seemed to be blasted apart and as soon as the smoke cleared, everyone could see who it was.

“D-Dad…?” Talon stammered out, his eyes going back to normal.

Shadow scowled, “I’m disappointed in you, I thought you were better than this. I told you to not let your emotions control your power didn’t I?”

Talon scowled, shaking with rage, “How...How DARE YOU...YOU...FUCKER?!?!?!

Shadow didn’t seemed fazed by his words, and just let him continue, “You DARE come back here and criticize ME when YOU left me all alone with uncle Asurath!”

“Talon, stop. You don’t understand, just let me explain.”

No! I’m DONE listening to you, you asshole! I hate you! You don’t care about me! All you care about is yourself!!


Talon’s ears flicked up at this, feeling not rage, but regret from his father.

“Do you want to know...What happened after your mother left…?! I fell into darkness Talon! I didn’t even bother training you like I should have!”

Talon stayed quiet, letting him continue, “I had a rage before she died, but once she was gone I...I couldn’t control it...It was worse than a thousand werewolves.”

“I knew it was only a matter of time before it got out of control, and I hurt you. I had to get rid of it, be rid of my fears, my anger, my sadness...But one thing I will never be rid of is my regret of ever leaving you behind like I did!”

Talon shook, seeming overwhelmed, “N-Nu…”

“I lied to you and Asurath because I wanted you safe...but it doesn’t matter anymore...We have more important things than this Talon!”

“...Then fill me in on what we’re doing.”

Berry sighed in relief, she had been nervous the whole arguement.

“Whatever it is you’ve learned, is true. We have to take him down, but we have to do it together.”

Osairus smirked, “Ah, ah, aaahhh...I’m not playing by your rules this time.”

“This time? The hell are you on about?” Talon asked.

“Stay out of this boy!”

Without warning, a dark ball of energy blasted Talon across the room back to the very door he had entered through.

“Talon!” Shadow turned and growled at Osairus, “You bastard…! I’ll kill you…!”

“You’ll die trying.”

Shadow suddenly smirked, a golden glow forming around him, “I don’t think so. I think you’ll find you’ll die trying to stop me.”

A strong wind began passing through the small room, and Berry took the opportunity and snagged some keys from one of the guards.

Talon sat up weakly, and his eyes widened seeing the glow around his father, “Nu...what’s happening…?”

A sudden flash of light caught them all off guard, but once they had looked up, the blackness of Shadow’s fur had become nearly white.

Not only that, but it was like he was floating, though his shoes didn’t seem to be activated. Talon’s ears flattened against his head, “ about crazy hair styles...what’s he up to…?”

Osairus growled, “Impossible! It’s just a myth!”

“What? You scared Osairus? Come on! This became between us the moment you DARED lay a hand on my son!”

Osairus growled once more, a dark aura forming around him. The two flew out the hole in the wall and everyone stood back baffled.

Berry quickly unlocked the cell and turned to Talon, “Come! We’ll take your friend and heal you both! Now hurry!”

Talon nodded and got up, but he let out a yell of pain as he felt a sharp pain in his side like a white hot knife was there. He looked down and saw a sharp rock stabbed into his side.

“Damn it all…!” Talon hissed.

He grabbed the rock in his side and yanked it out, letting out another yell of pain and he looked at his bleeding side. The wound was healing fast luckily. Talon ran over to Bella and picked her up.

Berry lead them both up the stairway. They eventually reached the third floor when Berry opened a door revealing five more girls just about her size.

“Oh my stars! Is that really you Berry?! And you brought him!” A girl with pigtails exclaimed.

Berry nodded, blushing in embarrassment, “Yes. But we must hurry! Girls, I need you to take care of this girl. I will take Talon and heal him.”

“Of course darling! Come here dear, you look like you could use a makeover!” another girl shouted.

“Wh-What? But this is no time for-”

“I know! Maybe this one will do it!” said another.

“Ugh...they’re impossible...let’s go Talon, quickly.”

Talon nodded. They raced up another set of stairs, though Talon had stopped, and saw his father and Osairus out a small window. He scowled, “Nu…”

Berry looked back and noticed he wasn’t following, “Talon! Come now! If we don’t hurry he could be killed!”

Talon looked up and nodded, following after Berry once more. Eventually they reached another room, and Berry made Talon sit on the bed inside.

Holding her hands out, waves of light seemed to spread out from them, and Talon watched as all his wounds closed even faster than before.

Once he was completely healed, Berry put her hands down, “There. Is there anything else you’d like to do before you do battle?”

Talon looked up, seeing a dresser with a mirror. He got up and sat in front of it, staring at his reflection for a moment before taking off all of his piercings.

He stood up again, then turned to Berry, “Let’s go. I’ll kill that bastard. He forfeited his life the moment he laid hands on my Bella.”

Berry smiled and nodded, “Let us head out then. Wouldn’t want to waste this opportunity to set an advantage on him!”

The two hurried outside, though Talon was fearing the worst.


“What? You scared Osairus? Come on! This became between us the moment you DARED lay a hand on my son!”

Osairus growled once more, a dark aura forming around him. The two flew out the hole in the wall and everyone stood back baffled.

Osairus smirked, “You know...if you were just trying to lure me out to run off, you could’ve just done it. There’s no shame in giving up when you know you can’t win.”

Shadow’s cocky smirk diverted into a frown, “You talk too much.”


“I’m done talking, either fight or go cry like the baby you are.”

“ little…! Fine! You want a fight I’ll give you a fight!”

Osairus finally lunged forward, but stopped short when in a flash of light his target was gone. He looked around and growled, “Get out here you coward!”

Shadow appeared above the clueless fox and kicked him with such force it sent Osairus flying right into the pavement below.

Osairus growled, and got right back up like it was nothing. Shadow groaned, this was going to be a long fight.

Punches and kicks were thrown in a constant pattern, and it seemed to last for ten minutes until finally Osairus landed a punch right in Shadow’s face.

He growled, but smirked, pleased with his success in landing a hit. Quickly he brought his hands beside each other and a ball of pure black energy formed.

Shadow didn’t have time to notice so that he could stop it, and as he looked up, he knew he was in trouble. Osairus growled again, “SEE YOU IN HELL YOU PESKY RAT!!!”

Osairus threw the ball before Shadow even had a moment to react, and blood was hacked up as the pain arrived in his abdomen.

Shadow was thrown against a wall and it cracked from the force he was thrown with. He stayed on the wall a moment, blood dripping down his chin before his white fur reverted back to it’s natural ebony color.

“D… Damnit…” Shadow groaned before his body finally caught up with gravity and he fell to the ground.

His body landed right in front of Talon, who was running to help Shadow. Talon stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Shadow laying on the ground with a dark stain on his stomach.

Shadow coughed up more blood, groaning in pain, “Dammit…!”

“Nu!” Talon fell to his knees and tried to help his father up, but was pushed away to his surprise.

“No Talon...don’t bother...just...listen okay…?”

“Nu no! Save your strength!”

“Just listen dammit!”

Talon’s ears flattened as tears began to form, “N-Nu...please…”

“I’m sorry...that I lied to you Talon...I couldn’t handle taking care of you after your mother died...but...know matter what...I’ve always been call you my son…”

“Dad...y-you’ll make it! Don’t say things like that!”

“You have to finish this alone were be here...please...these people need you...protect them with all your strength and don’t you dare hold back…!” Shadow said softly.

“Nu…! No I don’t wanna do this alone…!”

Talon received no reply after that, as Shadow’s eyes slowly slid shut.

“N-Nu…?” Talon asked, but still he received no reply.

“NU!!” Talon screamed and began to shake him.

“Nu! Nu please! WAKE UP!!” Talon screamed.

Shadow’s eyes were closed. Talon still received no reply. He pressed a hand against Shadow’s neck and felt a fading pulse.


“Prince Talon please!”  Berry’s voice suddenly came up as he grabbed Talon to hold him away from Shadow.

NO!!! LET ME GO!!! HE’S DYING!! I NEED TO HELP HIM!!” Talon screamed.

“Prince Talon!!” Berry exclaimed, “Stop! It’s too late for him!”

“NO!!!” Talon screamed and jerked away from Berry before throwing himself over his adoptive father’s body, letting out a sob.

Berry’s ears flattened in distress, and just as she thought she would never get through to Talon, Bella had finally come out.

Berry nearly slapped her hand on her face when she saw that the girls had forced her into a dress and tiara, but she resisted and simply sighed.

Bella gasped and ran to Talon’s side, “Oh he really…?”

A cruel laughter cause all of them to flick their ears up, “Weak! I expected more from the ultimate lifeform!”

Bella shot Osairus a cold hearted glare, but her anger deteriorated as she noticed Talon began to shake. Berry too noticed this, and backed away nervously.

“YOU...YOU DID THIS…” he growled.

“Talon…?” Bella squeaked in fear, noticing a glow emitting from him.

“Yes yes I did. And to think if you weren’t so slow he’d still be here. Perhaps all these years have made you weaker. Doesn’t matter though, you’ll join your stupid father soon enough.”

“I’LL MAKE SURE YOU ROT IN HELL...” Talon stood up as the whites and colors of his eyes turned a bright red and his fur began to turn white.

“What the hell…?” Osairus said.

“I’LL MAKE SURE YOU SUFFER...” Talon snarled as black smoke emitted from his eyes. Then he disappeared.

“What the--” Osairus didn’t get the question out as he felt something his him in the back and fling him forward.

It took him a moment to recover and turn to see Talon in front of him, his fur pure white and his eyes red with black smoke coming out.

“What the hell?!” Osairus exclaimed.

Talon began to speak in a different language, Fox Clan language, only Osairus could understand him though.

“You have lived long enough. It’s time you die,” Talon growled.

Bella watched intently from the ground as did Berry. They both were too distracted by the fight itself to notice the glowing figure leaning down near Shadow’s body.

“...Shadow...get up…” it whispered.

Shadow’s eyes opened only slightly, but he could tell who it was, “T-Tailsica…?”

She smiled, “You can’t leave. Not yet. You will be needed here. I can sense it.”

“...” Shadow fell unconscious again as his wounds began to close. Tailsica sighed and stood up, “I hope she gets here before Talon kills him.”

Though Bella didn’t notice Tailsica as she disappeared, she could’ve sworn she saw some light out of the corner of her eye.

Berry tensed a bit, “So...this was that ultimate power Dharskii mentioned…”

Bella seemed perplexed at that, “Dharskii? Who’s that?”

“It’s a legend lost upon my people, but there are two overseers of our great planet. They’re the ones that foretold this day...Dharskii and Kaskhan.”

“Overseers? Like...gods?”

“Precisely. I am one of the fortunate to witness their appearance.”

Bella shook off the thought and moved her eyes back to the battle in the skies. Something told her that there was much more to this than they knew.

Osairus growled as he was pushed back by a powerful blow, “How is this possible?! You can’t be this strong!”

“You are a fool. You are going to die, and when this is over I shall look upon your corpse and smile.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Talon growled, he raised up his index finger and Osairus watched in confusion as a tiny ball of energy became larger by the second.

Bella’s brow raised in similar perplexion, “What’s he doing?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t recognize this technique.”

In only a minute the ball was nearly big enough to total the whole temple. Osairus growled, “You little brat! I’ll send you back to the depths of hell from which you came!”

“Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you.”

Osairus yelled in outrage, a ball of dark energy formed in his own hands. Nearly simultaneously they both threw their energies at each other.

They clashed, and it after a few minutes it seemed neither had an advantage until Talon threw a few more balls of energy at the larger one he had just thrown.

Osairus’s screams could be heard from the village on the other side of the jungle as the light engulfed both his energy and him.

Bella grinned, “Yes! He did it! ...Huh?”

Talon’s proud smirk became a clear frown as he lowered  himself to the ground. His white fur reverted back to it’s normal grey state and his eyes also followed suit. He glared down at what looked like a much younger Osairus.

He lifted a hand, another ball of energy forming. Just as he was about to fire, a painfully familiar voice interrupted, “Osairus!”

The small boy that lay on the ground looked up in pure fear, it was clear he also knew who it was. Berry grinned as a golden fox with green eyes approached the young child.

“...It has been over billions of years little brother...can you not see that none of this has earned you anything more than...a painful title…?”

She spoke gently, as if trying to lull a baby to sleep. Much to everyone’s surprise lest her own, Osairus began shedding long held tears.

“I...I am truly sorry dear sister…! one seemed to care about me…! No it was always about YOU! I just wanted to be respected and loved like you were!”

The woman just shook her head and smiled, “ don’t need everyone’s respect...because I have always respected you…”

Osairus still seemed unconvinced, “Perhaps...if you hear it from him you’ll understand…”

At first everyone was rather confused, but everyone seemed to freeze as what looked like a mini Talon peeked out from behind the woman.

He wore arabic looking clothes, and Bella nearly swooned at how cute he was. The boy slowly inched up to Osairus, speaking softly and shyly, “Uncle…?”

Osairus seemed to panic, he didn’t know what to say.

“I’m sowwy that I didn’t pay no attention to you...people always is telling me that you’re a bad porwson...but...I fowgive you…” he said, smiling sweetly.

Osairus stood up, looking down at the young boy he hadn’t seen in a millenia. He sniffled as they hugged, and everyone seemed to relax.

After they broke their embrace, Osairus glanced at Bella and Talon, who were now standing side by side. His ears flattened, and he slowly inched forward, “Um…”

Talon shot up a glare at him, but a grab on his arm from Bella told him to calm himself.

“...I am...dreadfully sorry for all the pain I have cause you...and as…’king’...I relinquish my you, Prince Talon.”

Berry’s eyes widened when Osairus took off his crown, tossing it to Talon, “There...I don’t deserve to wear that anymore…”

Talon stared hard at it for a while, before he shook his head, “I...I can’t wear this...I’m not ready…”

“How many times have I told you to stop doubting yourself...?” A raspy voice sounded.

Everyone’s ears flicked up as they all recognized the voice. Talon turned slowly, then saw Shadow standing there with a hand over a dull colored spot where the wound once was.

“N….Nu…?” Talon asked, seeming to hesitate.

“Who else do you expect? Your uncle?”

Talon stood dead still for a long moment before he turned fully and ran up to Shadow. He seemed happy at first before he flat out punched Shadow in the face.

“GAH!!! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” Shadow cried as he held his now bleeding nose.

“THAT WAS FOR DYING ON ME!!” Talon screamed but then he hugged Shadow and let out a happy sob.

Shadow’s ears perked and he smiled gently, “Shh… It’s okay…” he whispered.

“Don’t… Ever… Do that again..!” Talon sobbed.

Soon their embrace was broken, and Shadow frowned,

“Listen's like I said were meant to be here. I know for a fact your mother would be proud, and I hope you know that I am too. I know you're still doubting yourself...because of me…”

Bella seemed shocked by this, “Is this true...Talon…?”

Talon nodded at Bella, seeming ashamed of himself, “Yes...I thought that when he was because I was a disappointment to him…”

Shadow smiled again and shook his head, “Just like your mother...Look at me son.”

Talon turned his gaze back to his adoptive father, seeming nervous, “Even when you were a baby, I could sense you were powerful...but you don't understand how to control it, even with all the training we've done...I see that now…”

Talon’s ears folded back, it was true, his emotions always seemed to get the better of him. Even now his victory was the result of his own rage.

“...I know you don't like to think of yourself as better than others, but whether you like it or not Talon you're a special boy. Even I didn't want my powers at your age. I got pushed around a lot for it actually.”

“Y-You did?”

Shadow rubbed the back of his head nervously, “Heh...yeah...but I had to accept them...and I used them for protect those I love…”

That’s when it became clear to Shadow that Talon understood his words. Talon nodded, but Shadow still continued, “It's not about how strong we are Talon, it's about how we use our strength.”

“I understand father,” Talon finally said.

He turned to Osairus once more, “Osairus…?”

Bella seemed to tense at this, “Talon-”

“It’s alright Bella.”

Osairus looked up nervously, “Y-Yes…?”

“I would like to ask that you stay here and clean up this mess with what little time you have in the realm of the living,” he said, crossing his arms.

“Yes of course.”

Philomena smiled, “Well then, I’m afraid we must go now. Goodbye dears! I wish you all luck, and I’m sure Talon does too, don’t you sweetie?”

The little boy nodded, blushing in embarrassment, “Y-Yes mommy…”

And with that, they both disappeared into thin air. Bella finally seemed to relax and let a sigh of relief slip from her lips.

Talon glanced at Shadow for a brief moment, and when he received a nod to his silent question, he pulled out the necklace he had been keeping in his pocket.

Bella noticed him hold it out to her and glanced over. She blushed, knowing full well what he was asking, “T-Talon…”

Talon just blushed, looking at his feet, “I-If you don’t think you’re ready I understa-”

His words dissolved into grunts as he was suddenly pulled into a tight hug, “Are you kidding?! Of course I will!”

Talon smiled, putting the necklace around his new mate’s neck. Though his blush only got worse when he heard the cheers of both the villagers and even his own father.

He knew there was still a long day ahead of him.


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